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ONLYCHILD Magazine strives to showcase a breadth of artwork representative of our diverse generation. Founded in 2018 and finally launched at the end of 2019, ONLYCHILD Magazine is a young but upcoming publication.


I started ONLYCHILD Magazine ironically. As a hobbyist photographer, I idolized publications, but was immensely curious about the legitimacy behind many "social media accounts" that I followed. It was designed as a marketing experiment to prove that the name didn't matter, only the branding did — because quirk and "clout" has value in the art world.

Using nothing but an "elegant" logo, an expensive-looking, self-produced press pass, and a brand new outfit, I stood outside Paris Fashion Week shows during the winter of 2019 and talked my way into 3 events (out of 4 that I tried). But the more I told people about the project, the more real it became. Photographers, models, and fashion designers started inquiring about submissions, and emails began pouring into my personal gmail.

Eventually, I decided to follow through and build an actual art platform, for artists like myself, struggling with "imposter syndrome," looking for their first break in the art world. I wanted ONLYCHILD to be a collection of first-publications from artists who didn't deserve to feel as if they were imposters in their own realm.

ONLYCHILD x Kavyar Partnership

A submission management and artist relation platform partnership.

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ONLYCHILD x /r/Analog Special Issue

A special collaboration with /r/Analog with more than 1.3 million followers as of May 2021 to publish an analog photography special edition.


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