Thank you so much for the endless support in my photography and filmmaking endeavors and to those of you who have been following along with Peace Centre updates. More information about TPC is available on www.thepeacecentre.org, but in short, we are an orphanage officially registered in the UK and located in Southwest Uganda, home to nearly 40 double orphans who have been deemed by social workers to be "at risk" in their previous environment. The Peace Centre's operation is entirely local and is run by Peace & Golden, the cutest couple who raise these kids as their own and provides "love, care, and a home" for them. 
Last summer, together with the documentary I shot, I took many photos, many of which even I had not seen until recently as I must have missed these out when I stored them away with the data of the dozen SD cards I went through. I picked out around 60 of my favorite shots and compiled them into a photo zine with my travel writing, untitled, and picked out 15 of these to be printed into postcards. 
I recognize that I am no professional photographer, filmmaker, or writer, so the quality of my work will be nowhere near those professional works out there, but I can guarantee that I will not make a single penny from the sales. I am really proud of how much the quality of my shooting and editing has improved over the last couple of years, too. I hope that you can help support The Peace Centre by purchasing a set of postcards or the trip zine, the costs of which are below:

Postcard (set of 15): 50RMB
Zine (48 pages ((for now))): 120RMB
Postcard & Zine: 150RMB

You can make the donation in many ways:

Wechat & Alipay: If you are in the country (China), I'll take care of shipping and all that.
Cash: If you are in the city (Shanghai), feel free to meet me and pay in cash!
Direct Donation to TPC: The web address is http://www.thepeacecentre.org/donate.html, please can I ask you to TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR PAYMENT and so I won't have to nag the director to find proof, and email / wechat / instagram dm it to me :)

Wechat: itzjohnnieyu
Instagram: @johnnie.yu
Email: runzhong.yu@dulwich-shanghai.cn

Free to anywhere within China. Unfortunately you'll have to pay for shipping outside the country.

The Guarantee I Make You:
I will be entirely honest with you with every stage of production. With the postcards, I printed out 50 sets of 15 postcards with 50 sleeves. The total was 380RMB, which is 7.6RMB (a bit more than 1 USD). These are selling for 50RMB per set, and I am donating the entirety of the printing cost as well. With the magazines, I am still waiting for quotes but I would estimate the cost to be around 40RMB per book, and these are selling for 120RMB. I am printing 50 of these as well, but unfortunately the costs here are a little high for me to all donate, so I will take back the printing cost only. Everything else will go towards the children of The Peace Centre.

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