Directing & Editing - Johnnie Yu 
Sound & Composition - Srijan Banerjee 
Cinematography - Marci Hilbert & Johnnie Yu

Film Rationale  
is that you? tells the story of Jesse, a man grieving the death of his partner, and his quest into the paranormal to find closure. My purpose was to fuse horror and romance, challenging the traditional paranormal genre which often involves violence and gore, crafting a twisted love story that transcends physical and spiritual worlds. I devised an ambiguous ending with an unclarified location to give the film a fairytale-esque feel, adding a layer of magic to the love story. Through a post-modern lens, I paid close attention to color and composition to maintain the hopefully magical yet chilling atmosphere.

Role: Director
This role allows me to retain complete creative control over the aspects of production, allowing my post-modern interpretation of the film to reflect in all stages, from concept development in pre-production to color-grading in post-production. 

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